Environmental Health

Food Ordinance
Henderson County Food Ordinance

Water Testing Kit
Kits may be picked up at the Henderson County Health Department, Monday through Friday. There is a $75.00 fee that includes kit for both tests which does not include shipping.

Water samples must be shipped to test facility within 30 hour period. HCHD will ship the samples for an additional $50.00 fee.

Drinking Water Information
Drinking Water Facts
How to Disinfect a Drilled Well
How to Disinfect a Dug Well
How to Disinfect a Driven Well

Septic System Maintenance
Helpful Septic System Information and Tips

Safe Food Handling
Keeping Food Safe From Bacteria
Illinois Minimum Cooking Time and Temperatures

Environmental Services Fees

Septic Permit
  Septic Permit (contractor) $100.00
  Septic Permit (homeowner) $150.00
Well Permit $125.00
Water Sample Kit
  Water Sample Kit (Coliform & Nitrate/Nitrite) $ 75.00
  Water Sample Kit (Coliform only) $ 35.00
  Water Sample Kit (Nitrate/Nitrite only) $ 50.00
Food Service Permit
  Class I Food Service Permit $250.00
  Class II Food Service Permit $175.00
  Class III Food Service Permit $115.00
  Temporary Food Service Permit $ 30.00
  Seasonal Food Service Permit (May-October) $ 50.00
Real Estate Inspection  
  Septic System only $150.00 plus mileage
  Well only $150.00 plus mileage
  Water Sample only $ 75.00 plus mileage
  Septic System & Well $300.00 plus mileage
  Septic System & Well & Water Sample $375.00 plus mileage
Subdivision Plat Review $150.00 plus $30.00 per lot

For more information about Environmental Health

Contact: The Director of Environmental Health
Phone: 309-627-2812
Fax: 309-627-2793